From a simple static home page to a complex business information system.

November 4, 2009

From extreme simplicity to extreme complexity

It’s impressive how popular content management has evolved.

In the old days, all you needed was basic static HTML to create a website and a simple idea.  Then a few pictures  from your home scanner scanned at 72 resolution and you were in business.

Nowadays, the most simple site like a blog system, to be successful it needs planning.  Besides planning, it needs fresh content.  You need some expertise on a particular subject.  A syndication and a marketing plan.

For a regular commercial site, you need a web-master, a developer, a writer, a designer, some knowledgeable person in content architecture to organize a large amount of information, a database manager, a project manager.  This is without counting the services of the hosting provider,  and the marketing team.

Also you have to deal with legal issues such as copy-writing, user protection laws, etc.

No doubt, we have evolved!